“ Thomsen’s playing is truly lovely. Her warm expressive and infinitely varied sound, with its astonishingly wide dynamic range, and her transcendental technique actually seem to hold a magnifying glass up to the music”
Pan Magazine, British Flute Society

” Janne Thomsen was one of the true stars of the evening. Pure pleasure of playing, technical perfection and a certain radiating factor sparkled through her playing and stage presence”
Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Janne Thomsen is a treat for eyes and ears. She is a phenomenon. She steps on stage and an almost palpable energy emanates from the her … After 2 hours she concludes by unloading a never ending applause.“

“The Danish flautist Janne Thomsen is a magnificent rich-toned soloist, full-bodied and clear, and her range of timbre extremely wide“

„A clear, brilliant sound by the Danish Janne Thomsen, virtuosity and expressive stage presence, …. The performance showed such interesting interpretative scope with themes illuminated from distinctive aspects ….. vivacious, terrifically-paced thematic and efficacious accentuated rhythms. Janne Thomsen plays with incredible vitality, wonderfully differentiated expression, agility and elegance. She attaches great importance to the equitability with the orchestra members, always with eye contact and even seems to smile while playing the flute. Now and then you had the feeling that she musically flirted with the orchestra. Hence the sparkling interpretation of the two concertos. Wonderfully and beautifully ornamented with crisp trills in „Il gardelino“ – ceremoniously chirping. The slow mouvement sounded like a dream …“
Frankfurter Neue Presse