Catalina Maria Lucia Pires – Press

“What are you imagining during a musical performance? The score or the fingering of the left hand?”

“Neither the one nor the other: I think of a wide green meadow with many flowers – or some other images.”

“The audience felt transported to Spain listening to Rodrigo´s  Concierto de Aranjuez. The youngest musician of the evening´s performance, Catalina Pires, conjured up a fairytale atmosphere like out of 1001 Nights.”

“Perfect, completely united with her music, consciously listening to the orchestra, she transmitted the positive aura of a child prodigy who played – as a matter of course –  incredible music coming from her soul. With her red evening dress and masterfully involved in her guitar music she looked like a spiritual being from another planet.” (concert of award winner 2015 “listening to top marks”)

Catalina Pires – YouTube: