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„… since 1992 Mr. Mrozek has collaborated with the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now (LMN), giving many concerts. What characterizes his play is an excellent technique, remarkable musical intelligence, warm sound, as well as spontaneity and emotionalism. He has performed twice at the renowned Prinzregentertheater in Munich in official concerts by LMN in the presence of Lord Yehudi Menuhin and Professor August Everding. I strongly recommend Mr. Mrozek to all colleagues, impresarios and sponsors, not only for his outstanding qualifications but also because of his autyentic and agreeable manner“.
(Yehudi Menuhin, Munich 10 March 1997)

„… The performance by the clarinetist Wojtek Mrozek was most fascinating. He is quite well known Bavaria. He has matured into a much sought-after virtuoso of an international format. In Iffeldorf he presented himself as an excellent chamber musican and charismatic soloist with a fantastic sound and wide spectrum of expression“.
Suddeutsche Zeitung (22 June 1998)

„… With what words can one describe the breathtaking performance by Polish musicians during the concert in Hersching? The modest title „Music for clarinet and string quartet“ did not quite match the top-quality execution, perfect in every detail. The unquestionable star was the young clarinetist Wojtek Mrozek. Wojtek Mrozek played the instrument with remarkable dexterity, producing a sound of charming nobleness, which was rewarded with a long applause“.
Suddeutsche Zeitung (27 April 1999)

The superb clarinettist Wojtek Mrozek and his Polish fellow-musicians showed a great deal of courage intheir experimenting with Mozart’s clarinet quintet. Mrozek proved his talent in undertaking such risky ventures already in the firs part of the programme, when together the Camerata Quartet he played Mozart’s fine phrases ina totally different and yet absolutely delightful manner „.
Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung (28 June 1999)