Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach: Concerto in d minor WQ 22 for flute, strings and b.c. , 23′


Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn: Concerto in d minor no 1 (arr. For flute)

Many people do not know that for example Mendelssohn’s famous piano trio no. 1 in d minor exists also by the hand of the composer where the flute plays the violin part. In general Mendelssohn’s use of the flute in orchestral works are often very soloistic and this concerto, originally for violin works marvellously well on the flute. This programme suited to be accompanied by a small instrumentation consisting of string quartet, double bas and harpsichord.



Johan Sebastian Bach: B minor Suite for flute, strings and b.c. BWV 1067, 20′

Johan Willibad Gluck: Dance of the blessed Spirits from “Orpheus” for flute,
strings and b.c., 7,30′


Giya Kancheli: “Ninna Nanna” for flute and strings, 24′

Encore with violin, viola and harpist from the orchestra:
Benjamin Yusopov: Maximum for flute violin, viola,harp and orchestra, 7′
(same orchestration as Beethoven violin concerto)

Giya Kancheli has dedicated this flute concerto to Janne Thomsen, which she has collaborated on with the composer. “Ninna Nanna” means lullaby and is harmonious in its slow motions of a calm décor of colours.
In 2004 Janne Thomsen toured with Maxim Vengerov with a programme consting of 4 solists: flute, violin, viola and harp. As it was needed to have wonderful encore with everyone on stage playing together in the Maxim Vengerov persuaded Benjamin Yusupov to transform the finale of his flute concerto into this incredible fireball of a piece. Very folky and incredibly effective encore!
It is often appreciated when orchestras players are asked to be solists and this is an incredibly fun piece.


Flute and recorder

Johan Sebatian Bach: Double concerto in c-minor BWV 1060 for recorder, flute and strings (arr.) 13′
Orchestral piece, (max 10′)
Antonio Vivaldi: Flute concerto “La Notte” opus 10 no. 2 in g minor, 9′
Giya Kancheli: “Daneliade” for recorder, flute and strings (optional percussion), 10′ (arr. with permission of composer)
Antonio Vivaldi: Recorder concerto RV 443 in C Major, 10′
Michael Berkeley: “Touch Light” for recorder, flute and strings, 8′
Duet for Michala and Janne …and a lot a lot of flutes..
Georg Philip Telemann: Double concerto in e-minor, 15′


NORTHERN LIGHTSFlute and violin

Two Nordic composers born in the year 1865: Sibelius and Nielsen

Carl Nielsen: Flute concerto 1926, 18′ (Instr.
Jean Sibelius: Solo from Scaramouche op. 71 for flute and strings, 3′
Vagn Holmboe: Chamber concerto no. 2, op. 20 for flute, violin strings and percussion, 22′
(Instruments: timp.perc/cel/str)


Jean Sibelius: Concerto in d minor op 47, 33′(Instr.

PS Vagn Holmboe was a pupil of Nielsen and its a wonderful concerto. Clips can be heard on:


Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach: Concerto in d minor WQ 22 for flute, strings and b.c. , 23′
Hans Werner Henze: „Il sentimenti….“ for flute, harp and strings on a sonata by CPE Bach, 17′
( Fassung für Kammerorchester: Str. (4 · 0 · 2 · 2 · 1) Fassung für großes Orchester: 2 Vl. solo · Va. solo · Vc. solo)


Georg Friedrich Händel: Concerto in B Flat op. 4, no. 6 HWV 294, for harp, strings and b.c 11′
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Concerto in C Major KV 299 for flute, harp and chamber orchestra (2ob/2hrn)

Janne Thomsen has performed “Il sentimenti….” conducted by the late Hans Werner Henze. It is essentially a piece by CPE Bach, which reorchestrated and ellaborated on by Henze.